Oxford: United Kingdom

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  • Prof. Herbert Hall Turner Commission de la Carte du Ciel de l’Union Astronomique Internationale (President)
  • Dr. Joseph Estlin Carpenter International Congress of Free Christian and Other Religious Liberals (Honorary President)
  • Sir MA. Alfred Charles Glyn Egerton International Committee for the Publication of Annual Tables of Chemical, Physical, Biological and Technological Constants (Member of a Committee)
  • Prof. W. D. Ross International Institute of Philosophical Collaboration (Member)
  • Frank Paul Walters LoN Secretary-General's Office (LoN Personal Assistant) / LoN Secretary-General's Office (LoN Head of Section) / LoN Political Section (LoN Member of Section) / LoN Political Section (LoN Head of Section) / LoN Under Secretaries-Generals' in charge of Political Section Office (LoN Under Secretary General) / LoN Deputy Secretary-General's Office (LoN Deputy Secretary General)
  • Prof. Fred Alexander LoN Information Section (LoN Temporary Collaborator)
  • James Arthur Salter LoN Economic and Financial Section (LoN Director) / LoN Reparations Commission (LoN Secretary-General) / LoN Financial Section & Economic Intelligence Service (LoN Expert/Specialist) / LoN General Assembly: Twelfth Ordinary Session of the Assembly (League of Nations General Assembly Delegate)
  • William Stephen Sanders LoN Information Section (LoN Member of Section) / International Labour Office (League of Nations staff)
  • Georges Silvain François Charles Kaeckenheeck LoN Legal Section (LoN Member of Section)
  • Hessel Duncan Hall LoN Social Questions and Opium Traffic Section (LoN Member of Section) / LoN Information Section (LoN Member of Section)
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