William Stephen Sanders

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1871 1871

Nationality: English

Roles in Organisations


  • Unspecified 1908 (Organizing Secretary of the Fabian Society)
  • Unspecified 1914 (General-Secretary of the Fabian Society)
  • Germany -1/4/1920 (Lectured in Germany on British Labour and local government subjects)
  • London: United Kingdom -1/4/1920 (Lectured at London School of Economics, London University)
  • Oxford: United Kingdom -1/4/1920 (Lectured at Ruskin College, Oxford)
  • Unspecified -1/4/1920 (Member of the London County Council)
  • Unspecified -1/4/1920 (Member of the London Education Committee)
  • Unspecified -1/4/1920 (Governor of the Imperial College of Science and Technology)
  • Unspecified 1914-1918 (Volunteer during the war)
  • Russia 1914-1918 ( Sent to Russia by War Cabinet in charge of British Labour Delegation)
  • Unspecified 1917-1/4/1920 (Chief Intelligence Officer of the National War Arms Committee)