Barcelona: Spain

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  • Marquis Mariano de Foronda International Union of Tramways, Local Railways and Public Motor Transport (Member) / International Institute for the Unification of Private Law (President of the Committee)
  • Prof. F. Maspons I Anglasell Congress of Organised Ethnical Minorities (Nationalities) in European Countries (Vice Chairman)
  • Felix Vejarano LoN Intellectual Cooperation and International Bureaux Section (LoN Member of Section)
  • Tr. de P. Cornet International Legal Translation Bureau (Member)
  • Prof. Asmara International Spiritualists' Federation (President)
  • Ethel Willox Adie LoN Transit Conference at Barcelona (LoN Shorthand Typist) / LoN League of Nations (League of Nations staff)
  • L. Graham-Seatoun LoN Pool (LoN Shorthand Typist) / LoN Pool (LoN Shorthand Typist) / LoN Pool (LoN Shorthand Typist)
  • H. de Régny Irving LoN Transit Conference at Barcelona (LoN Translator)
  • Ruiz-y-Manent International Bureau of Catholic Journalists (Member of a Council)
  • Joseph Navarro LoN Printing & Publishing Department (LoN Proof-Reader) / LoN Information Section (LoN Clerk)
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