Dr. Sonti Dakshinamurty

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1899-12-22 22/12/1899

Nationality: Indian

Roles in Organisations


  • Madras: India 1925 (Joined Madras Public Health Service in 1925)
  • Vizagapatam: India (Municipal & District Health Office? ? Port Health Officer of the Major Port of Vizagapatam for 5 years )
  • Vizagapatam: India (Lecturer in Hygiene at the Medical College )
  • Madras: India -1/7/1940 (Organizing secretary of the Rural Development Scheme near Madras, organised by the Govert. of Madras & the Rockefeller Foundation )
  • India -1/7/1940 (Malaria Research Officer of an Anti-malaria Scheme at Wynaad Taluky Malab(?)dst. under the guidance of the Indian Research Fund Assoc. )