Massimo Pantaleoni

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(in Bari )

Nationality: Italian

Roles in Organisations

  • LoN Health Section : LoN Member of Section (LoN First Division) (1/3/1925-31/12/1933)   


  • Bari 25/1/1888
  • Italy 1917-1918 (Chief surgeon at a military hospital)
  • Transcaucasia: Asia 1919-1920 (Medical mission in Transcaucasia on behalf of the Italian Government)
  • Rome: Italy 1921-1922 (Assistant to the Chair of Pharmacology, University of Rome)
  • Russia 1922-1923 (Acted as Epidemic Commissioner of the Epidemic Commission in Russia)
  • United States of America 1/1/1924-28/2/1925 (Scholarship in America. Supplied information to the LoN on the campaign against malaria.)