Guillaume Théodore Conrad Zwerner

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1883-11-18 18/11/1883 (in St. Petersburg: Russia )

Nationality: Swiss

Roles in Organisations


  • St. Petersburg: Russia 1905-1918 (Worked for "C.E. Bolin" Court Jewellers, St. Petersburg)
  • Geneva : Switzerland 1920-1921 (Mission to Germany to inspect the camp of the Russian prisoners of war, International Red Cross, Geneva)
  • Novorossisk: Russia 1921-1922 (Sub-delegate to Novorossisk to arrange the repatriation of prisoners of war)
  • Trieste: Italy 1921-1922 (in charge of IRC delegation in Trieste)
  • Belgrad: Serbia 1922 (Delegate of the IRC in Belgrade & of the Union internationale de secours aux enfants )