Permanent International Committee on Occupational Diseases

Permanent International Committee on Occupational Diseases, Commission Internationale Permanente des Maladies Professionnelles
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Founded: 1906
Sources: HB 1929



Members in these countries

Members in the following countries:
Australia , Austria , Belgium , Canada , Czechoslovakia , France , Germany , Hungary , Italy , Japan , Netherlands , Norway , Poland , Switzerland , Union of Soviet Socialist Republics , United Kingdom , United States of America ,


To study occupational diseases and all questions relating to the pathology of labour, and to establish permanent links between experts working on these subjects in different countries.

General facts

Two international congresses have been held. A third, which was to take place at Vienna, was prevented by the war. The proceedings of the congresses have been published.


The Committee has no Review. News of its activities is published in "La Medicina del Lavoro", Milan.