International Roller-Skating Federation

International Roller-Skating Federation, Fédération Internationale de Patinage à Roulettes
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Founded: 1924
Sources: HB 1929, HB 1936, HB 1938



Members in these countries

Belgium (since 1929) , France (since 1929) , Germany (since 1929) , Italy (since 1929) , Portugal (since 1929) , Switzerland (since 1929) , United Kingdom (since 1929) ,


Encourage roller-skating in Europe, especially hockey on roller-skates (rink hockey). (HB 1929) Encourager le patinage à roulettes en Europe, et plus particulièrement le hockey sur roulettes frink hockey. (HB 1936). To encourage roller-skating in Europe (rink hockey and speed and fancy roller-skating). (HB 1938)


Subscriptions, 25 Swiss francs per annum. (HB 1929) Cotisations, 25 francs suisses par an. (HB 1936)

General facts

The Federation has organised four European rink-hockey championships — two in England and two in Switzerland (at Montreux). (HB 1929) La Fédération a organisé huit championnats d'Europe de hockey sur roulettes, dont quatre en Angleterre et quatre en Suisse, à Montreux, ainsi que deux championnats européens de patinage à roulettes, un en Belgique (1930), l'autre en Italie (1935). (HB 1936) The I.R.S.F. has organised ten European rink hockey championships, five in England, (Herne Bay), four in Switzerland (Montreux), and one in Germany (Stuttgart), and three European roller-skating speed championships, one in Belgium (Antwerp, 1930), one in Italy (Monza, 1935), and one in Germany (Stuttgart, 1936). It has held thirteen international congresses. (HB 1938)


Monthly Bulletin


Annual congress (HB 1929) Congrès annuels. (HB 1936).