International Union of Pure and Applied Physics

International Union of Pure and Applied Physics, Union Internationale de Physique Pure et Appliquée
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Founded: 1922
Sources: HB 1931, HB 1936, HB 1938


The activities of the Union are directed by the General Assembly of delegates, by whom are elected the President, the Vice-Presidents and the Secretary-General, who form the Bureau; they remain in office until the end of the ordinary General Assembly subsequent to that at which they were elected. Between the assemblies, the Bureau acts as the Governing Body. (HB 1931) L'Union est dirigée par l'Assemblée générale des délégués, par laquelle sont élus le président, les vice-présidents et le secrétaire général qui forment le Bureau ; ils restent en fonction jusqu'à la prochaine Assemblée générale ordinaire. Dans l'intervalle des assemblées, le Bureau fonctionne en tant que Comité directeur. (HB 1936)


Relationships with other Organisations

Members in these countries

National committees of member countries: (HB 1938)
Australia (since 1931) , Belgium (since 1931) , Canada (since 1931) , China (since 1938) , Czechoslovakia (since 1931) , Denmark (since 1931) , France (since 1931) , Italy (since 1931) , Japan (since 1931) , Mexico (since 1931) , Netherlands (since 1931) , Norway (since 1931) , Poland (since 1931) , Spain (since 1938) , Sweden (since 1931) , Switzerland (since 1931) , Union of South Africa (since 1931) , United Kingdom (since 1931) , United States of America (since 1931) ,



To create and encourage international co-operation in physics; to co-ordinate the work of preparation and publication of extracts from memoranda and of tables of physical constants; to bring about international agreement on matters of units, standards, nomenclature and notations. To supprt research in suitable directions. (HB 1931) Créer et encourager une coopération internationale en physique; coordonner les efforts de préparation et de publication des extraits de mémoires et de tables de constantes de physique; réaliser une entente internationale sur les questions d'unités, d'étalonnage, de nomenclature et de notations; aider la poursuite de recherches intéressantes. (HB 1936)


Annual contributions of affiliated national committees in accordance with a scale based on the population of member countries (minimum 200 francs a year). Contributions annuelles des comités affiliés nationaux selon une échelle basée sur la population des pays membres (minimum 200 francs par an).


General Assemblies. Assemblée générale constituante. General Constituent Assembly in Paris in December 1923 ; Second Assembly in Brussels in 1925, Third Assembly in Brussels in July 1931, Fourth Assembly in London and Cambridge (1934). (HB 1938)