LoN Brussels Conference

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  • Raymond W. Anderson LoN Translator (LoN First Division) 1920 : no end of employment given.
  • Percy Corbett LoN Translator (LoN First Division) 20/9/1920-29/10/1920
  • Georges Léon César Demolon LoN Chief Translator (LoN First Division) 1920-1920
  • Gerald Francis Francis LoN Clerk (LoN Second Division) 13/9/1920-8/10/1920 : (Offer): Clerk, Distribution Branch, Brussels Conference; ? last material in file 8.10.1920, but seems to have been transferred to Geneva and working in the Secretariat in March 1921 (see annex).
  • Clive Hardy LoN Translator (LoN First Division) 1920-1921 : Translator for the Brussels Financial Conference
  • M. Hautrive LoN Translator (LoN First Division) 1920 : Translator for the International Financial Conference to be held in Brussels
  • Frances Olive Underhill Unspecified (Clerk) 1920-1920 : Documents Branch, Brussels International Financial Conference