LoN Staff Pensions Fund

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  • Florence Margaret Dudgeon LoN Secretary (LoN First Division) 20/1/1921-31/12/1921 : Secretary of the Staff Committee.
  • Casimir Antoine Kaufmann LoN Clerk (LoN Second Division) 15/3/1931-1935
  • Kathleen Margaret Midwinter LoN Shorthand Typist (LoN Second Division) 9/9/1935-23/4/1940 : Administrative Board of Staff Pensions Fund.
  • Karen Petersen LoN Clerk (LoN Second Division) 14/2/1938-29/2/1944 : Clerk, Secretariat of the Administrative Board of the Staff Pensions Fund; on mission to Vichy & London on 12.6.1940.
  • Hilary Aidar St. George Saunders LoN Secretary (LoN First Division) 1/1/1931-24/2/1938 : Secretary to Administrative Board of Staff Pension Fund.
  • Christine Mary Wilkes LoN Copyist (LoN Second Division) 1/1/1932-25/2/1934 : From 1.1.1932 Secretariat of Administrative Board of Staff Pensions Fund.