LoN International Financial Conference

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  • Lionel de Morpurgo LoN Translator (LoN First Division) 13/9/1920-10/10/1920 : French Translator, Financial Conference, Brussels.
  • Jean Duhamel LoN Translator (LoN First Division) 23/9/1920 : Translator and Interpreter,International Financial Conference in Brussels.
  • G. E. Franey LoN Verbatim Reporter (LoN Second Division) 21/9/1920 : Verbatim Reporter for the International Financial Conference, Brussels (cf. letter of appointment in his file)
  • Rollo Mugli Myers LoN Translator (LoN First Division) 1/10/1920 : English Translator, Brussels Financial Conference.
  • Isambard Carlyle Perrott LoN Verbatim Reporter (LoN Second Division) 21/9/1920 : English Verbatim Reporter till the end of the International Financial Conference at Brussels; till the end of the Assembly.
  • D. L. Potter LoN Shorthand Typist (LoN Second Division) 17/5/1920-14/5/1920 : Shorthand-Typist in connection with the International Financial Conference for 4 weeks.
  • Mary Rae LoN Stenographer (LoN Second Division) 21/9/1920-1920 : not specified when Miss Mary Rae left the Secretariat. Date refers to end of conference
  • A.W. Rockett LoN Clerk (LoN Second Division) 29/9/1920-11/10/1920
  • Raymond Sadoine LoN Translator (LoN First Division)
  • Mrs. Phyllis Warlters van Ittersum, née Horne LoN Assistant (LoN Second Division) 2/7/1920-11/9/1920
  • Antoine Vellemann LoN Interpreter-Translator (LoN First Division) 23/9/1920
  • G. Ward LoN Proof-Reader (LoN Second Division) 18/9/1920 : English Proof Reader, International Financial Conference.