LoN Secretary-General's Office

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  • Barbara Naomi Abensur LoN Shorthand Typist (LoN Second Division) 1/3/1929-16/6/1934
  • Signe Johanne Andersen LoN Member of the Intermediate Class (LoN Second Division) 1/6/1927-12/5/1928
  • Joseph Louis Marie Charles Avenol LoN Secretary-General (LoN First Division) 1/7/1933-31/8/1940
  • Anthony Buxton LoN Private Secretary (LoN Second Division) 1/8/1919-31/12/1930 : Private Secretary to Sir Eric Drummond, afterwards as Secretary of Drafting Committee and from 1931 as Chief of Documentation Service.
  • René Samuel Cassin LoN Personal Assistant (LoN First Division) : Offered a provisional contract as a Personal Assistant to Mr. Monet on October 10th. and accepted by Mr. Cassin in letter dated October 27, 1919.
    Representative of France
  • Jean d'Eudeville LoN Secretary (LoN First Division) 18/8/1933-31/1/1935
  • Francois-René de Foville LoN Secretary (LoN First Division) 12/8/1935-25/10/1939 : Temporary transferred to the Paris Office from 1.3.1939 to 28.4.1939 and from 5.5.1939 to 8.6.1939.
  • Horace de Pourtales LoN Personal Assistant (LoN First Division) 21/8/1922-30/11/1922 : Personal Assistant to the Secretary-General.
  • Gertrude Caroline Dixon LoN Secretary (LoN First Division) 21/7/1919-14/3/1921 : Secretary to M. Monnet.
  • Sir Eric Drummond LoN Secretary-General (LoN First Division) 5/5/1919-30/6/1933 : Secretary General of the League of Nations
  • Princess Maria Cristina Giustiniani-Bandini LoN Private Secretary (LoN Second Division) 28/4/1927-8/11/1932 : Office of the Under-Secretary-General in charge of internal administration
  • William Martin Hill League of Nations staff 26/7/1945-7/5/1946 : Provisionally attached to the Secretary-General p.i. as personal assistant
  • Marcel Hoden LoN Chef de Cabinet (LoN First Division) 1/7/1933-31/10/1938
  • Joan Howard LoN Private Secretary (LoN Second Division) 8/7/1919-10/8/1933 : Private Secretary to the Secretary-General.
  • Emily Duncan Johnston LoN Shorthand Typist (LoN Second Division) 10/6/1930-1/7/1933
  • Frances Lucy Schonswar Johnstone LoN Secretary-Shorthand-Typist (LoN Second Division) 10/6/1930-1/7/1933
  • Marguerite Keil LoN Senior Assistant (LoN First Division) 15/1/1934-31/10/1940
  • Charles Anthony Woodward Manning LoN Assistant (LoN Second Division) 1/12/1922-14/1/1924 : Personal Assistant to the Secretary
  • Jean Monnet LoN Deputy Secretary General (LoN First Division) 10/6/1919-1923
  • Cosette Catherine Nonin LoN Secretary Stenographer (LoN Second Division) 1/8/1942-31/1/1947
  • Helen Otten née Golding LoN Secretary Shorthand-Typist (LoN Second Division) 25/4/1924-7/5/1930
  • Chester Purves LoN Translator (LoN First Division) 24/11/1924-6/4/1925 : English Translator
  • P.H. Renauleaud LoN Personal Assistant (LoN First Division) 1919-16/12/1919 : Personal Assistant to Mr. Monnet
  • Rose Rusconi LoN Telephonist (LoN Third Division) 4/5/1927-27/9/1927 / LoN Telephonist (LoN Third Division) 7/5/1928-30/11/1932 / LoN Telephonist (LoN Third Division) 16/1/1933-28/1/1933 / LoN Telephonist (LoN Third Division) 25/9/1933-11/10/1933
  • Alma Janet Schibli née Raisin LoN Shorthand Typist (LoN Second Division) 1/8/1946-31/12/1946 : Shorthand-Typist & Clerk.
  • Katherine Irene Stafford LoN Assistant Secretary (LoN Second Division) 2/9/1919-30/6/1920 : Assistant Secretary & Stenographer to Dr. Nitobé.
  • Eugène Henri René Vigier LoN Assistant (LoN Second Division) 8/4/1942-31/8/1946 : Assistant to the Secretary General p.i. in the management of Departments I and III.
  • Frank Paul Walters LoN Personal Assistant (LoN First Division) 15/5/1919-10/1/1920 / LoN Head of Section (LoN First Division) 10/1/1920 : Chef de Cabinet du Secrétaire General
  • Louise Walters née Roux-Bourgeois LoN Secretary Shorthand-Typist (LoN Second Division) 20/2/1922-9/2/1922
  • Belle Williams LoN Assistant Secretary (LoN Second Division) 5/8/1921-30/4/1924 : From 5.8.1921 Assistant Secretary & Stenographer, Secretary-General's Dept.
  • Joseph Vivian Wilson LoN Member of Section (LoN First Division) 15/1/1924-1/7/1933