The National Committee of Y.W.C.A. of Japan

The National Committee of Y.W.C.A. of Japan, 基督教女子青年会日本同盟
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Generally, to give young women a Christian social education.


Periodical organ: " Joshi Seinen Kai."


1. The spiritual side: 1. Bible study; 2. Religious assemblies; 3. Summer conferences for young women students and business girls; 4. Provision of materials for religious education; 5. Publication of periodicals. 2. The educational side: 1. Maintenance of a women's night school; 2. Instruction in English, music, cooking, sewing, commercial English, typing, etc.; 3. Scientific lectures; 4. Research and investigation in labour problems ; 5. Training of leaders; 6. Sending students abroad for study; 7. Guidance of independent clubs for women-students, business girls and housewives. 3. The physical culture side: 1. Instruction in swimming, gymnastics, and dancing; 2. Lectures on physical culture; 3. Observation of a hygiene week. 4. Service: 1. Provision of lodgings for women students and business girls ; 2. Summer camps ; 3. Dining-rooms to supply nourishing food, at moderate prices; 4. Buildings for assemblies; 5. Reception and lodging for foreign, or other women tourists. 5. Provision of facilities for women making oversea voyages. Establishment of a friendship department, not only for American and European women, but also, as opportunity offers, to promote friendships between Chinese and Korean women. 6. Periodical organ: " Joshi Seinen Kai."