HIAS-JCA Emigration Association HICEM.

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Founded: 1927


The Assembly of the Hicem is composed of 19 members:


Members in these countries

Forty-one affiliated committees in twenty-five countries in Europe and overseas. Countries of Emigration: Jeas, Warsaw, Poland; Hilfsverein für jüdische Emigranten, Danzig, Danzig; Hias-Jca Emigration Association, Bucharest, Roumania; Hias-Jca Emigration Association, Kaunas, Lithuania; Hias-Jca Emigration Association, Riga, Latvia; Hias-Jca Emigration Association, Prague, Czechoslovakia; Jca Office, Moscow, U.S.S.R.; Central Information Bureau for Emigrants, Harbin, Manchukuo. Countries of Transit and Immigration in Europe: Ezra, Antwerp, Belgium; Montefiore Vereeniging, Rotterdam, Holland; Comite Central d'Assistance, Paris, France; Emigration Committee, Barcelona, Spain; Comitato di assistenza per gli ebrei profughie della Germania, Milan, Italy. Countries of Immigration: Hias, New York, United States; Hias-Jca Emigration Association, Montreal, Canada; Sociedad de Proteccion a los Immigrantes Israelitas, Buenos Aires, Argentine; Hias-Jca Emigration Association, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; Comité de Proteccion a los Immigrantes Israelitas (Soprotimis), Santiago, Chile; Colombian Protection Committee, Bogota, Colombia; Centro Israelita de Cuba, Havana, Cuba; Comité de Proteccion a los immigrantes israelitas, Guayaquil, Ecuador; Comité de Fomento y Proteccion, Asunción, Paraguay; Comité de Proteccion a los immigrantes israelitas, Lima, Peru; Sociedad Isr. Aschkenazit, Caracas, Venezuela; Sociedad de Proteccion a los Immigrantes Israelitas, Montevideo, Uruguay.
Argentina , Belgium , Brazil , Canada , Chile , Colombia , Cuba , Czechoslovakia , Dantzig , Ecuador , France , Italy , Latvia , Lithuania , Manchukuo , Netherlands , Paraguay , Peru , Poland , Romania , Spain , Union of Soviet Socialist Republics , United States of America , Uruguay , Venezuela ,


Legal, moral and material assistance to Jewish emigrants in countries of emigration, transit and immigration. Co-ordination of the efforts of the different organisations of assistance to Jewish emigrants.


Contributions of the founder organisations, the Jewish Colonisation Association (J.C.A.), London, and the Hebrew Sheltering and Immigrant Aid Society (H.I.A.S.) of New York, America.


Information Bulletin (periodical). "Ten Years of Jewish Immigration (1926-1936) and the Work of the Hias-Jca Emigration Association "Hicem"" Report submitted to the Jewish Emigration Conference, June 29th July 1st, 1936. Other publications containing information on the Organisation: "Annual Reports of the Jewish Colonisation Association" (1927 to 1935) (J.C.A.), Paris. Annual Message and Reports from the Hebrew Sheltering and Immigrant Aid Society (H.I.A.S.) of America, New York (1927-1935). "Four Years of Jewish Migration", Report of Activities of the Association for Emigration Hias-Jca (Hicem), Paris, 1927-1930. "The Migration of Jews in Recent Years", by John L. Bernstein, "The American Jewish Year Book for 5697", New York, 1936.