International Legal Union

International Legal Union, Union Juridique Internationale
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Founded: 1929
Sources: HB 1938


The Officers of the Union: a Chairman, two Vice-Chairmen and a Secretary-General; a Governing Body of five members.


  • 15, rue Duguay-Trouin: Paris: France
    The sessions of the International Legal Union are usually held at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Two were held at the Faculty of Law and the Carnegie Trust.


Study of the principal international questions, legal and political, which arise at the present time.


Contributions from members and grants from certain Governments.


Meetings and Proceedings of the International Legal Union. Five volumes issued (first two published by Pedone, the other three by Editions Internationales). Several of the above-mentioned works have been issued separately.


The international Legal Union has usually held one session a year, sometimes two; it has hitherto devoted its meetings to studying the following points: Proposals for the reform of the Covenant of the League of Nations; Draft declaration as to the rights and duties of States; Regionalism (or continentalism) in international law; Draft constitution of a Grand Council of the League of Nations.