Permanent International Commission of Editors of Catholic Newspapers

Permanent International Commission of Editors of Catholic Newspapers, Commission Permanente Internationale des Directeurs de Journaux Catholiques
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Founded: 19/96/1928
Sources: HB 1938



Members in these countries

Austria (one newspaper, one agency); Belgium (four newspapers, one agency); Bulgaria (one agency); Czechoslovakia (two newspapers); United Kingdom (three newspapers); France (six newspapers); Germany (four newspapers, one agency); Hungary (one newspaper, one agency); Luxemburg (one newspaper); Italy (three newspapers, one agency); the Netherlands (four newspapers, one agency); Norway (one newspaper) ; Poland (one agency); Rumania (one newspaper); Spain (two newspapers); Switzerland (four newspapers, one agency); United States of America (one agency); Vatican City (one newspaper, one agency); Yugoslavia (one agency).
Austria , Belgium , Bulgaria , Czechoslovakia , France , Germany , Hungary , Italy , Luxembourg , Netherlands , Norway , Poland , Romania , Spain , Switzerland , United Kingdom , United States of America , Vatican State , Yugoslavia ,



To establish regular and personal contacts between the editors of Catholic newspapers of the different countries in order to facilitate the task of each by cordial mutual assistance, and to promote the vitality of the Catholic Press and its influence throughout the world.


Monthly subscription of 5 Netherlands florins.