World Congress of Faith

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Founded: 1936
Sources: HB 1938


National Council and Executive Committee.


Relationships with other Organisations

Members in these countries

Affiliated societies and individuals in the following countries:
Africa , Burma , Ceylon , China , Denmark , Egypt , Finland , France , Germany , India , Japan , Netherlands , Norway , Palestine , Russia , Spain , Sweden , Switzerland , United Kingdom , United States of America ,



To promote a spirit of fellowship and to awaken and develop a world loyalty through religion.


Members' subscriptions, donations, etc. (Membership fee, 10/- per annum).

General facts

At the conclusion of the London Congress, members decided to pursue the work then begun and formed the World Congress of Faiths Continuation Committee. This Committee resolved to continue not only the holding of Congresses in the future, but various other activities relating to the furtherance of fellowship chiefly relating to the religions of the world.


Periodical conferences. "Faiths and Fellowship", being the Book of Proceedings at the London Congress, 1936. Another Congress was held at Balliol College, Oxford, July 23rd to 27th, 1937.