Peace and Disarmement Committee of the Women's International Organisations

Peace and Disarmement Committee of the Women's International Organisations, Comité pour la Paix et le Désarmement Crée par les Organisations Féminines Internationales
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Founded: 1931
Sources: HB 1938


Committee elected annually.


Relationships with other Organisations


To spread knowledge and understanding of the great issues underlying the organisation of peace; To enlist the support of women in all parts of the world in the service of peace; To give expression in Geneva to the world-wide desire for peace .and disarmament.


Contributions made by Member Organisations; Subscriptions paid by Individuals and Groups as "Friends" of the Committee. (Five Swiss francs annual subscription); Collections and Gifts; Nobel Committee of the Norwegian Parliament has three times sent donations of 2,000 kronen.

General facts

The Disarmament Committee of the Women's International Organisations was created to focus the pressure of public option upon the Disarmament Conference. When it became evident that Disarmament was a complex, political problem, necessitating more fundamental educational work, the word Peace was added to the name of the Committee, and the scope of its work was widened. The President of the Committee, with the staff of several secretaries, give full time to the work.


The Committee does not issue an official monthly journal.


: By means of letters, reports, Press releases, study conferences and discussion groups, the Committee attempts to create an enlightened opinion and to promote energetically the three aims outlined. Committee Meetings and Conferences: The Peace and Disarmament Committee holds at least three meetings each year. Of these, two meetings are held in Geneva at the time of the League Assembly and the International Labour Conference respectively. The mid-winter meeting is held in some other European city. Frequently, the Committee Meetings include a One-day Conference on International Affairs. Study Courses: Study courses for peace leaders are held annually in Geneva. News Service: The News Service of the Peace and Disarmament Committee provides a valuable commentary on the international issues of the moment. Correspondence and Visits: Through letters, and the visits paid to countries by the President, Members of the Bureau and special delegates from the constituent organisations, contact is established with national and local groups all over the world. Women's International Economic Peace Roll: This interesting undertaking involves a plan for a plebiscite of the international business world, to show where business and industry stand in relation to Peace. The scheme has met with a remarkable degree of approval in many diverse circles. It has already enrolled a number of the most prominent firms engaged in International Business, and has secured their co-operation in the Women's Peace Movement.